stop the reckless prosecutions


stop the reckless prosecutions


Wen Ho Lee/ John Lee

Xiaoxing Xi/ John Lee

A trend of wrongful prosecutions

Recently, the U.S. government has wrongfully prosecuted several Chinese American scientists with espionage related crimes, including Guoqing Cao, Shuyu Li, Sherry Chen, and Xiaoxing Xi. These American citizens were widely labeled as spies for China before the government dropped all their charges with no explanation, apology, or compensation. We are demanding accountability from the federal government. 

These high profile cases, and others where the government has overreached against Chinese American scientists, highlight a trend of overzealous targeting of Asian Americans in the name of national security. No American should be held under suspicion and prosecuted on the basis of their race, ethnicity or national origin.  In these cases, the U.S. Department of Justice failed to do its proper due diligence or consult with independent scientific experts on the facts before infringing on the rights of innocent people and irreversibly damaging their lives and reputations.

Profiling in the name of national security has unfortunate historical precedence, from Japanese American internment during WWII to suspicion of Chinese Americans during the McCarthy era to law enforcement targeting of Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian communities post-9/11. Over 15 years ago, Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwanese American scientist, was accused of spying for China and put in solitary confinement for months before it was determined he was not. It is important to make sure these dark histories do not repeat themselves. 

The government has still not publicly acknowledged any wrongdoing for its recent wrongful prosecutions, despite calls from the New York Times editorial board, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and many members of congress among others. As national security tensions continue to flare, we must demand more transparency and accountability, and a stop to reckless and race based targeting.



Request for stories

Have you or your family been unexpectedly approached by federal law enforcement (e.g. FBI)?

All information will be kept strictly confidential

For more information:  http://bit.ly/2ctjwk6

Asian Americans Advancing Justice1 (Advancing Justice) and the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), leading legal organizations dedicated to protecting the civil rights and liberties of Asian and Pacific Islander communities, are coordinating a request for stories from Chinese Americans (regardless of citizenship status).

After a number of high profile cases involving Chinese Americans who were unjustly arrested or investigated for national security or espionage (spying)-related charges (e.g. Xiaoxing Xi, Sherry Chen, etc.), we are providing a strictly confidential environment for Chinese Americans to share their experiences with law enforcement and/or seek free legal assistance. 



Know your rights

Be prepared for potential encounters with law enforcement by knowing your rights:




Events featuring Prof. Xiaoxing Xi and other community leaders

San Francisco

August 9, 2016

Southern California

August 10 & 11 2016

Come hear Professor Xi tell his story, and learn more about how you can protect yourself if you are unjustly targeted by law enforcement.

These events will also bring together perspectives on a broader history of racial profiling by the U.S. government in the name of national security, including wrongful espionage prosecutions of Chinese American scientists, profiling of Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian communities post-9/11, and the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, and will discuss the importance of building broad-based coalitions to combat such unjust targeting.



Take Action!


Demand government accountability for its wrongful prosecutions. Sign and share the petition link widely on social media: http://bit.ly/1TaGLAd


Express your concern and urge your reps in Congress to ask for an Inspector General investigation of DOJ
Call their offices, send letters, send emails.  Edit, print, and mail the sample template: here.  Search for your House, Senate contacts: here.


Hashtags: #scientistsnotspies #endracialprofiling
Samples tweets: 
Xiaoxing Xi and Sherry Chen deserve an apology from @TheJusticeDept #scientistsnotspies#endracialprofiling 

 @TheJusticeDept Stop racial profiling of Asian Americans #scientistsnotspies #endracialprofiling 

@(your representative) Hold @TheJusticeDept accountable for reckless spy prosecutions against Prof Xi and Sherry Chen #scientistsnotspies 


Hashtags: #scientistsnotspies #endracialprofiling
Sound off on social media. Share the petition and this website widely.

5. Donate

Donate to help with Xiaoxing Xi and Sherry Chen's legal expenses here


Watch on 60 Minutes

React on social media: Tweet @60minutes, share and comment on Facebook. Hashtag: #scientistsnotspies



Calls for an investigation

Despite numerous calls for an independent investigation of the Department of Justice after its failed prosecutions, the government has not yet investigated or acknowledged any wrongdoing. Here are some of the calls:

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights-- letter to DOJ

Members of Congress-- letter to DOJ

Asian Pacific American, civil rights, and civil liberties organizations-- letter to DOJ


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